TDF Metal Finishing produces all products in an environmentally responsible manner. The facility actively practices pollution prevention and has a toxics use reduction plan in place, created by Sandra Wyman and Associates.

Membrane System Used For Waste Treatment

Slav Kozhebrodskiy, Environmental Specialist, holds a Level 5 Wastewater Treatment Operator license and Jose Mateo is the Assistant Wastewater treatment operator. Slav oversees all chemical additions to process tanks, wastewater treatment operations, RCRA waste handling, emergency contingency planning, and is involved in pollution prevention planning.

Stan Kozhebrodskiy
Slav Kozhebrodskiy, Environmental Specialist


In the Danvers Industrial Park - Rt. 1 South

7-9 Electronics Ave, Danvers, MA 01923 USA
Telephone: 978-223-4292
Fax: 978-223-4297
Email: tdfinfo@tdfmetalfinishing.com


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